Heritage Trace Office Building

In December of 2014, Scott Womack, a Commercial Broker at Coldwell Banker Commercial, came to us with an intriguing project: he wanted to build an office building on his commercial property here in Lubbock, TX.  The catch?  He needed it done in as short amount of time as possible.

Immediately, we were interested in the project for two reasons.  First, now and then our team enjoys having the chance to work under the pressure of a short timeline.  While it’s not an ideal circumstance for every project, it does allow for some unique bursts of creativity.  Secondly, the project would allow us to prove our wisdom and skills in designing a building for a commercial real estate investor that was not only beautiful but also efficient and timely.  We signed a contract with Scott and began work on the Heritage Trace Office building.

Getting Started

Some introductory information about the Heritage Trace Office Building:  our initial contract for this building was to design the "shell". A "shell building" is one that, while the outside of the building is finished, the inside has been left open to allow for different business owners to lease office space. Within three weeks, we had our design plans that were approved by Scott on first sight

While Scott approved the design immediately, the start of the project was not without a few difficulties.  As Scott was obtaining the permit to begin building, some issues came up regarding the proximity of the new building to the property line.  Normally, commercial properties have to maintain a certain distance from this boundary.  However, we were able to find a clause within the permit restrictions that allowed Scott to build where he had originally intended, keeping the project moving without having to do a redesign.

An important aspect that made this project so successful was the opportunity to work with Collier Construction Company of Lubbock.  We had a great experience working with Josh Dickson, the project manager for the Heritage Trace building.  Collier Construction completed the building in three months time--a full month ahead of schedule!  The early completion of the building was two-fold. Collier Construction’s abilities and Josh Dickson’s management of the project kept the project on track.

However, the timeliness and efficiency of this project also had to do with the design programs we use.  These programs allow us to look at the inner workings of any building in a 3-D view.  We can see the structure, the plumbing, the electricity, and more with just a few clicks.  Any question that Josh had, we could answer in a matter of minutes just by pulling up the project within this program.

This advantage not only saved both Collier and Scott a lot of time, but also money because the project was completed correctly the first time and on time. Quick, complete planning and construction kept Scott from having months go by paying for property he couldn't yet lease out.

The Finished Product


In the end, we are really proud of the final design for this building.  Because we knew that Scott wanted to use this as a multipurpose office building, we kept the design simple and beautiful, with a fresh feeling that would be pleasing to the eye for any industry. The combination of the stone and wood accents with the white stucco gives it a look that is clean, without appearing to be too modern.  Numerous windows will allow natural light to flood into the interior spaces. Outside, the landscaping adds a beautiful, natural burst of color.

This project is the perfect example of the kind of work commercial investors can expect to receive from us: quick, complete designs, tailored to your needs and desires.

Presently, there is still space available for lease in this particular office building.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Heritage Trace building, contact Scott at (806)535.0888. We can also assist you in designing the leased space to fit your company's exact needs.