Wisdom Craftsmanship Artistry

Each one has a unique impact on everything we do.

Wisdom: At WCA, do we examine the project pathway for all potential pitfalls? Yes, it is only wise to exercise foresight to avoid costly project hang-ups.

Craftsmanship: Are we proud of the construction documents we produce? Affirmative! We hold them to a standard of excellence resulting from an absolute commitment to our craft.

Artistry: Is our design work second to none? Yes! We bring deft artistry to each project and pursue beauty with every line we draw.

These three interwoven and acting in concert make WCA unique. What does wisdom, craftsmanship, and artistry functioning as one produce?

Service. At WCA service is paramount.

We do all we can to ensure our Client's dreams become successful buildings. And though we love completed buildings, we do not consider them the mark of our success. For WCA, success lies within how we serve our clients. Service is success.

Wisdom, Craftsmanship, and Artistry - These words are more than the initials that form our name. They are the service we offer our clients, and they are our identity as a company.

How may we serve you?


Jimmy Johnson, R.A., NCARB, AIA

In 1999 Jimmy graduated from Texas Tech University with a Master of Architecture. After graduation, Jimmy moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. During his time in the metroplex, Jimmy established expertise over a wide range of project types. These include public schools and education facilities, multi-million dollar homes, commercial/retail remodels, historic preservation, and hi-rise mixed-use towers.

Jimmy is a thoughtful designer with a deep understanding of construction processes. He has a passion for the continual improvement of our construction documents; regularly meeting with contractors to discuss how our drawings can be more effective on the job site. He is uniquely skilled in BIM (building information modeling) systems and computer-aided design. His proficiency in this area allows WCA to deliver accurate, well-coordinated construction documents in surprisingly short time frames.

Jimmy is a registered Architect in the State of Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida and is NCARB certified. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

DSCF8302 zac.jpg

Zac Garth, R.A., NCARB, AIA

Zac graduated from Texas Tech University in 2004 with a Master of Architecture. Over the course of his career Zac has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service and project management.  He excels in all aspects of design and production, but has a special gift for project vision establishment, programming, and schematic design. 

Utilizing hand-drawn sketches and vector software as well as three-dimensional design visualization software, Zac has the ability to communicate ideas quickly and effectively to help clients see their building concepts and dreams come to life.  

Zac is a registered Architect in the State of Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado and is NCARB certified. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

DSCF8404 jay.jpg

Jay Winfrey, M. Arch.

Jay Winfrey is a highly-skilled designer and project manager with years of specialized Architectural experience. He has participated in and led award-winning design efforts. Jay graduated with a Master of Architecture Degree from Texas Tech University in 2002. During his time in the workforce, Jay has garnered experience across the country working in cutting edge cities such as Aspen, Colorado and Portland, Oregon. Jay developed expertise in planning, design, and construction in a wide array of project types. He has a gift for mixed-use housing, office developments, high-end restaurant and retail installations, corporate headquarters, and public housing complexes. 

As a managing partner of WCA Design Studio, Jay is an integral part of the design team and manages all aspects relating to the success of the business. His unique insight and commitment to an elevated design aesthetic raise WCA Design Studio's design work to the highest standards.